Public Classes

I have a weekly class at a wonderful private yoga studio in Bourne End, Bucks (near the high street).

12:30am Thursdays | 1 hour | booking required | £10

This class is for beginner or intermediate level students. Sessions involve practice of traditional hatha yoga postures with an element of flowing sequences. Postures are performed with an emphasis on correct positioning and use of the body. Anatomical guidance is also given to deepen understanding. Progression is at a smooth and steady pace, with easier options offered. Occasional influences are drawn from other movement systems to keep the lessons fresh and original.

Bricks and blocks are provided but please bring a mat. If you wish to buy a mat, I highly recommend the YogaMatters Sticky Yoga Mat, being very economical and effective. They need a couple of weeks to wear in and they will last you a long time. I am not under incentive from YogaMatters by the way!