About Me

My yoga classes comprise a safe and steady approach to practice of postures. We will move through logical sequences, taking time to focus on correct form. Often the class will involve some flowing sequences, which vary from session to session.

The goal of my teaching is to help you to realise the potential of your body in terms of strength and flexibility. I am fascinated by human anatomy, and will help to verbally guide you in what is specifically happening in your body (from a western anatomical perspective) as you perform the yoga postures.

A highlight of my yoga teaching so far has been spending six weeks teaching public classes at sunset on the beach on a Greek island. During this time I worked with students of all ages, nationalities and ability levels, sometimes teaching whole family groups!

I have a progressive and open-minded approach to yoga tuition and like to bring in occasional influences from other movement forms if I feel this is appropriate, helping to keep classes fresh and original.

I have been teaching yoga regularly for two years and gained my 350 hour level 1 diploma at Triyoga London under Jeff Phenix and Susannah Hoffman in 2016. It was a rigorous training and covered in-depth study of postures, anatomy and the yoga tradition.

In addition to yoga, I am a very keen practitioner of callisthenics using gymnastics rings. Whilst I realise this may not be everybody’s cup of tea, I find the principles of this modern form of physical training mesh in very well with yoga, particularly to develop upper body strength and flexibility.